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CTO - Mojang

Chief Technology Officer Job Purpose:

Oversees all technical aspects and technological resources of an organisation. Establishes a technological vision for the organisation and leads the company's technological development.

● Proven experience as a CTO or similar leadership role
● Leadership and organizational abilities
● Knowledge of technological trends to build strategy
● Understanding of budgets and business-planning
● Ability to conduct technological analyses and research
● Excellent communication skills
● Strategic thinking
● Problem-solving aptitude

Chief Technology Officer Job Duties:
● Set and drive the long term technical strategy and vision
● Communicate the company's technology strategy to management, investors and employees
● Monitor KPIs and IT budgets to assess technological performance
● Identifies competitive advantages and technological trends for the benefit of a company
● Owns and oversees IT Security
● Be the connective tissue between tech and other franchise-wide functions
● Directs the implementation of policies for development and security
● Responsible for knowledge sharing and tech reuse within franchise
● People Manager to all Dev managers and Tech Leads and directly responsible for the whole tech org
● Manage research and development (R&D)
● Consistently evaluate technical efficiency and makes changes as necessary

Chief Technology Officer Skills and Qualifications:

Advanced IT Knowledge, Critical Thinking, Interpersonal Skills, Motivator, Technological Analysis, Website Development, Research, Business, Computational Skills, Excellent Written and Oral Communication Skills, Public Speaking, Presentations, Team Building, Industry Knowledge, IT Terminology, Computer Network Development and Maintenance, Client Management

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