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Senior Creative Marketing Copywriter - Mojang

Senior Creative Marketing Copywriter - Mojang

We're looking to hire someone to a senior creative role here at Mojang - someone who can straddle the various different creative challenges across a bunch of media.

We do pretty much everything that involves words (and a lot of things that don't) here on the creative team in Stockholm: researching and writing articles about every aspect of our community; scripting videos; delicate communications work; designing and directing marketing campaigns; planning and executing social media initiatives; writing, directing and approving creative copy for our books, mags and merch; consulting on the narrative of our spin-off projects, like Story Mode; weighing in on the creative direction of other game projects.

Your primary role would be conceiving and directing the creative elements of our marketing campaigns - from brand-wide advertising initiatives to highlighting key features or product launches on social media, through our website or across other channels. You would world closely with our Head of Social Strategy to work out which beats go where, and have a very hands-on role in shaping the creative execution of those beats. The ideal candidate would still be able to move between many of the roles mentioned above and help out when necessary.

When your creative hat is on, you will conceive and develop scripts, clips, gifs and other marketing efforts, finding fresh, entertaining ways to promote and explain our products and features. You'll work with our marketing team in Redmond, your colleagues at Mojang and external creative agencies to commission and develop the above content, and ensure that our output across all our platforms maintains the same voice, sense of fun and spirit that we have already developed on the Mojang blog and previous communications.

For this role we are looking for someone with very strong English writing skills, with a lot of creative energy and ideas. They should be very well versed in social media platforms, and how each is best used differently. They must also be detail oriented and have strong project management skills, and the ability to manage many streams and teams at the same time.

Essential skill requirements

  • A superb creative brain
  • The ability to create long-term strategic plans
  • Proven writing skills in both long form pieces and snappy copywriting
  • A distinctive take and deep understanding of all forms of social media
  • Enthusiastic champion of our brand and ideals
  • Excellent organizational skills

Desired skill requirements

  • Familiarity with our brand
  • Script writing skills
  • Good knowledge of the video game industry
  • Basic photoshop skills
  • Willingness to travel
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